What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Sunglasses?

The other day one of my eyes was swollen and hard to open.  This was due to a bad case of poison ivy (no I was not rolling around in it, I am just highly allergic  so even a small bit can give me a bad month) and despite a steroid inject at Jordan Valley to reduce the swelling and spread of the rash my eye was still looking deformed.  I went to work and was allowed to replace me glasses with a pair of Terminator shades (pictured to the left) I picked up (but had not really worn) last year so the customers would be spared the sight of my eye.  A work friend decided to “support me” and wear his sunglasses.

His shades were Blues Brothers like and cost 150 dollars while my own Terminators had been 1.75 (without tax).  I told him I thought it was silly to spend so much when I purchased mine so cheaply (especially since 1984 also sells the Blues Brothers shades for 1.25)  He retorted by saying his would las t a lot longer than mine or the any other cheap sunglasses.

Some part of me was not satisfied by the idea that more expensive sunglasses were more durable than cheap sunglasses.  My line of thinking was the plastic in his sunglass frames could not be too different than those in the cheaper kind.

I went on HowStuffworks.com (http://science.howstuffworks.com/sunglass1.htm) and lasikanswers.com (http://www.lasikanswer.com/optical-lasik/eye-7-1-6528.html) and I found out the expense of the glasses is not the durability but the lens quality.

The UV protection of 10 and 100 dollar sunglasses are the same but the the 10 dollar lenses are not as clear as 100 dollar lenses.  If your lenses are too distorted  then they will be hard to wear and can cause head aches if you wear them too long.  If you wear the more expensive lenses it will be like wearing clear glasses with a darkened tint (so no head aches or strained vision).  If that worth 100 dollars (sometimes more) then I suggest you do it.

Oddly enough, I went through the whole day in my Terminators head ache free while my co-worker had to take his off claiming he had a bad headache.

Personally though, I cannot say for certain how good the Terminators were in their lens quality because I wear prescription glasses.  The day I wore the shades I had to take off more normal prescription and I could not see more than five feet in front of me.  In the future, ideally, I hope I can pick up a pair of transcendent lenses and not have to worry about needing sunglasses again; cheap of or expensive.


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